Thursday, April 3, 2014

Summer Fun at Expo Kid 2014

Summer vacation is really here now! Kids are on their school break and onto their summer vacation. It only means that most kids are at home now and they need to be busy so they become productive while they are not at school. Though it's fun to see them play at home with their toys and gadgets, kids will learn more and gain more experience if they will go out too.

Parents, let them experience things outside your home too. Let them join the Summer Fun at Expo Kid 2014 to be held at Trinoma to let their creativity shine. They may not make magnetic healing bracelets as what adults can make but they can do a lot of fun kiddie activities with other kid.

Details below.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Sweet Memories Digi Kit

It's been almost 2 years since I made a full digi scrapping kit. I was so busy with blogging and some other stuff that I wasn't able to make a kit. I think I also don't have enough inspirations to whip up a new one but I did made a mini-kit that I didn't finish because I thought it's just not worth uploading on the site.

Since I'm not that too busy these days and also I need extra income too, I decided to finish the kit that I started probably around February. It's a mini kit I called SWEET MEMORIES. Perfect for Mother's day and other girly layouts.

Find this at I have made heaps of FREE to use templates too where you can just put your photos and journaling, so be sure to check them out !!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Crafts for Kids During School Break

Summer and school vacation are coming in no time once again. This only means that kids will be out of school and will stay most of the times in the house. Kids need to be kept busy all the time since they usually get bored easily when they are not doing something or they might end up bugging their parents all the time. Parents can enroll them on various summer activities that they like but there are parents who have no budget in sending them on summer classes. Arts and crafts at home will come to the picture.

Kids should focus their energy and time making arts and craft at home supervised with their parents or guardian. While kids are having fun, parents can do their work at home or their online chores. Browsing for vehicle export and other services can be done while the kids are doing their activities at home. Just  make sure that parents check on their kids on what they are doing to avoid accidents or misbehavin'.

Pinterest is loaded with craft for kids ideas and here's what I found: 21 flower crafts for kids

Image via

Drawing Skills and More

My 10-yr. old niece is still addicted to My Little Pony characters, or MLP as she calls them all the time. There's never an instance where she didn't make a drawing of various colors, designs and actions of MLP. She's even making a home video about it using her MLP toys around and she was inspired to do such because she's also been busy watching MLP videos on YOutube.

Drawing various cartoon characters enhances her drawing skills but I am not wondering anywhere where she got that skill  because her father and uncle and even cousins are into visual arts. They all love creating arts through various medium.

Since her birthday is coming once again on May, I will just give her art materials that she can use everytime she wants to draw, paint and make some crafts.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Personalized Recycle Bags

These days, everyone of us mostly uses recycle bags when we go shopping for plastic bags are banned in most cities already. There are many bags that we can use like bags made of cloth and those water-resistant bags are very popular to use because it’s not just water repellent but also can be fold into small shape and it’s lightweight. Carrying them inside the bag is not a hassle.

Now, you can order Personalized recycle bags at artscow, wherein you can easily put your name, logo and even your own photos. Perfect for personal use, as gifts to love ones and even give-away for any occasion. But if you are looking for a bag that can carry you instruments, you'll find this cajon bag from musicians friend to be heplful.

Here are some recycle bag templates that I made for Arstcow. The small (S) one can be ordered for $9.99, for $10.99, L- 11.99 and XL for $12.99. These templates are easy to use, just drag and drop your photos and you can even put your own text on them too.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Encouraging your Kids to Be Creative

Every kid has their own liking and their parents should need to encourage them to become creative. Exposing kids to various fun activities at young age may develop their own hobby or passion. I have stated some few ways on how to keep your kids busy and you might want to read it.

Activities can show off their creative side, who knows you might discover that your child has a passion for drawing , writing, singing and playing musical instruments. Not all kids can play instruments so it will be a nice asset of your child. Enrolling them on various short music courses that uses quality instruments and that may include using pignose 7 200 and professional instructors to guide your kids.

Learning doesn't stop at school because they need to practice and learn more at home. Guide them as much as you can on the things that they want to do.

Monday, February 17, 2014

My 36th 8x8 Photobook from Artscow

This is the second book (out of 4 books) that I made for my 2012 PROJECT 366 (Photo-a-Day) photobook. I had it printed over ARTSCOW and as usual I loved the outcome.
The size is 8x8 with 20 pages.
This book is from April - June 2012 wherein I took photos each day and compiled them in a photobook. Each photobook compiles each 3 months of the year so for 2012 I have 4 books done. I will  be sharing the other books vol. 3 and 4 soon

Here is my 2012 Project 366 Photobook for April -June 2012 vol. 2

Layout Over the Weekend

Weekend is gone once again and we all need to go back to work. Aside from browsing through these beautiful necklace selection online I was able to start some new layouts. Actually, this is a long time project of mine but since I became so busy with some works and other layouts, I shelved it for a while not until last weekend.

I was inspired to start this layout once again since my HS batch is going to have our 30th pear reunion this coming May and I thought if I'd finish this photobook, I can have it printed at Artscow. I wanted to bring this book too at our reunion so that my batchmates can see this. These are photos during our 25th reunion 5 years ago and I guess it's already high-time to have it printed.

Hoping to finish this photobook before May and wishing I'll have so much inspiration doing this. See I have already about 12 pages done so  I guess 20 more pages ...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kids and Music

Every kid loves music as it can keep them motivated, energetic, inspired and motivated. Play a music and in no time a kid will sing or dance to the tune of it. Some kids will grow up with fondness to music and will eventually make it as a hobby or a profession too. Learning a musical instruments for kids can be an easy thing especially if they like what they are doing. If you see your child being inclined to music or wanted to play musical instruments, encourage them or support them in every thing that they do.

Doing so will make them more inspired to do the things that they love. Let them enroll in a music class if you can afford and let them explore. Buying a musical instrument can be expensive but it can be an investment too. There are classic seagull acoustic guitars at musicians friend if you'd like to buy.

Just make sure not to force your kids if they don't like it because they will not have fun at all when you do.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another Finished 8x8 Photobook

Finally, I was able to scrap last week! It's been many months now that I have done so that's why I'm so happy to be able to finish another photobook.

Actually, there are free shipping promo for 39-paged Photobook from Artscow once again that will end today January 28th. To avail that I hurriedly made some layouts of my 2012 vacation with my cousin and hubby.

It's just really a simple layout with more focus on photos, it's like a magazine type of photobook. I was able to have it printed and actually it was shipped already. I will just wait for it to arrive in our house probably this week already.