Friday, July 25, 2014

Together as a Family Digi Scrapping Kit

I have been feeling nostalgic lately and while doing that I was able to make this family digi-scrapping kit that I named Together as a Family. Perfect to scrap all the precious photos of our family.

Nothing beats the togetherness of every family and it is best kept when you make a scrapbook layout to preserve them forever.

Available at:
ETSY: Together as a Family
ARTSCOW: Together as a Family
I have lots of FREE_to_USE templates at Artscow

For Personal Use Only.

Father's Day Digi Scrapping Kit: Super Dad

All fathers are special so make them some projects using this kit that also fits all the men in your life..

I made this kit with my own dad in mind, who happens to be in heaven already.

SUPER DAD digital scrapbooking kit available at:


For Personal Use Only

Boys will Be Boys Digi Scrapping Kit

This BOYS WILL BE BOYS kit that I made few months back is perfect for all your boys' photos. I made a lot of flower clusters, stars and circle to adorn any scrapbook page.

Only available at artscow at the moment

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Feeling so Creative

Lately, I have been so inspired to make a lot of digital paper backgrounds, digital kits, cliparts and more. Since blogging has come to a low phase, I found myself creating a lot of stuff already. In fact, I have opened my ETSY STORE- JennyLDesignsShop just last June 4 and I'm very happy that I have some sales already. It's making more inspired to make some stuff and I know in the future I will  get my own followers and constant customers as long as I make good quality papers.

I have been designing using 300dpi setting on all of my papers and cliparts so that it will be crisp clear when printed at the shops and even at home using deskstop printers. Every day, I see to it that I can make at least 1 paper set so that I can have more products in my store. I know the sale will pick up before Christmas because a  lot of people will be making some crafty stuff for sale or as gifts for their loved ones.

Speaking of being creative, while I am enjoying my time working on my digital stuff, my brother on the other hand is getting handyman. He has fixed our old cabinets that has worn out over time. I heard that he plans on making new cabinets so he needs some supplies like new wood and 1/2 inch overlay cabinet hinges and other stuff. I'm just hoping that he will finish his projects asap.

Looking forward seeing you at my etsy store where you can find papers, cliparts and more.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Honeycomb Background Digital Paper

I had so much fun creating honeycomb patterns so I made these Honeycomb Background Digital Paper in mint and pink color. Purchase them at my Etsy store.They are INSTANT DOWNLOAD so you can use these papers in instant.

Aztec Design Printable Digital Paper

Had some time to make an aztec design paper which is quite challenging to make but here's what I came up.
Purchase them at my ETSY STORE.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Etsy Store: JennyL Designs Shop

Just recently opened my ETSY Store where I sell my digi-scrapping kits and printable digi-papers. I still have few collections on my store but I hope I can upload more.

I have a lot of nice printable digi papers where you can use them on your scrapping, invitation, cards and other projects you might have.

Come and take a peek at my Etsy store.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Avoid Losses in Forex Trading

In forex trading, one of the hardest things to do is preventing the failure to happen. However, things a like seem too hard to achieve since it’s no new in any industry at all. Thus, what should people do is to avoid it as much as possible instead.

There are a lot of ways how to avoid from failing at forex trading. Of course, the need of online broker and other related stuff are apart from it. What every trader must know are the responsibilities they should do to make it happen then.

Responsibilities in Avoiding Losses
It’s not the market’s fault, neither the forex broker one has. Instead, it’s the one who manages the account.

If you are eager to earn, you must have the following traits to make your business success indeed.

• Observer
- Being a keen observer is really a big help especially to trading. Knowledge alone can’t give you success. What you need to have in order to avoid losing at your trade should also include of being an observer. With it, you’ll be able to know when will be the best time to trade and what will be the best rate to rock then.

• Focus
- In order to avoid losing in your trade, you need to focus on what you are doing. This is very much important particularly when you do the trading.

• Disciplined
- Apart from being a keen observer and should have the focus in doing trading, it’s also important to have a discipline. This is very much important to keeping your account intact and far from getting into trouble.

• Confidence
- If you’re into forex trading, confidence is also a good factor to have in avoiding losses. If you have confidence, you’ll be able to work with full of positive vibes which is also a way of reaching your goals easily.

If you are new to forex trading or have been into it for long already and is still currently looking for ways in avoiding failure, this is definitely for you. Always remember as well that failure is never a hindrance to committing success.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

FB Page of JennyL Designs

Finally, I have made an FB page for my digi-scrapping designs where I can post all my upcoming kits and templates.

Kindly LIKE my page to keep updated with my designs:

As of the moment, my kits and templates are available only at but hoping that I will expand soon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Protecting Your Camera

If you plan on spending a lot of money for your next camera, you may want to invest in protection for that camera as well. All it takes is for it to be dropped once to crack the lens or cause other damage that could be expense to repair. Keeping your camera in a case can also make it less likely that dust, dirt or other debris gets inside of it.

In some cases, it may be possible to buy a camera case with your camera as part of a bundle. This can make it more cost effective to purchase the camera and the case because you may receive a discount when you bundle. In addition to purchasing a camera case, you may also want to look into buying insurance for your camera as part of any bundle of products that you buy.

Purchasing a Pelican camera case or camera cases from any other company may be a prudent move to help you protect your investment. If you are serious photographer, you need a camera that you rely on to take great pictures regardless of where you are. For those who make money by selling photographs that they have taken, it is even more important to protect and take care of your camera at almost any cost.