Saturday, September 27, 2008

:Camera Critters: Frog Prince!:

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This is my very 1st time to join CAMERA CRITTERS.

One rainy night my niece called my attention and told me that there is a big frog outside my store and asked me to look at it. It was really big and I was a bit scared to get near it as I am afraid of frogs whether it is small or big.

YAy, i just took my camera and took a shot of it and hey look...... it turned into a prince ! lol. Now I have my FROG PRINCE! Should I kiss it? Maybe he'll turn into a handsome prince.. what ya think??


Chikai said...

hahahaha! kala ko sino! sobrang nagmamadali pa naman ako. hahaha!

Suzanne said...

Hay naku. Si Ate Jen talaga! Akala ko pa naman... :D

Larry said...

Hi Jenny and welcome to Camera Critters! I posted a frog too. I don't think mine will turn into a prince though.

i beati said...

let me know if it works hahahcute sandy

Haze said...

yupp, try kiss it and who knows? hehehehe.

Nice shot btw.......happy sunday!

Tere {Blessings in Life} said...

Nice shot Te Jen! hahaha may korona ba talaga yan?